K-6 Care

K-6 Care
School Age:
Mondays: A semi-structured day, including group time, centers, meals, and outdoor play.
After school: There is a time provided for snack, to complete homework, and for participation in activities throughout the classroom.  

Classroom Staff:
Margaret Salo (Non-school days and Tuesday-Friday before and after school)
Isaac Gomez


  • 5 day  $119
  • 3 day  $80
  • 2 day  $57
  • drop in $30/day ($25/day if scheduled in advance)

(school year)    
  • $5.00/day before school
  • $5.00/day after school
  • $25.00/day on non-school days (advanced notice)
  • $30.00/day on non-school days (no notice)