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April TEC Talk

posted Mar 24, 2016, 9:05 AM by llloyd@bbejaguars.org   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 6:22 AM ]




Our teens live in a world that sharing has ever changed the definition of privacy.  As we know, we are all connected and anything that is created and placed online can be copied, pasted and sent to everyone with one click.  No longer does privacy just mean watching or guarding personal or private information.  We have to think about that each time our tweens/teens complete any kind of profile without privacy controls, post something online, or sends a picture of themselves to anyone online, they potentially broadcast themselves to the world.  However, with teaching our tweens/teens the importance of privacy and Digital Footprints, being globally connected can be an awesome thing.

This topic matters because our tweens/teens digital lives are both public and permanent.  Everything they create online creates a digital footprint.  We need to keep reminding our Screenagers that everything they post online goes to a huge, invisible audience.  Things can be shared with thousands of people that they have never met.

We need to help guide our tweens/teens to think long term.  The information that they post can be passed along and searched by many people.  In addition, others can pass on information too without their approval.  However, it is important to have a Digital Footprint, so just making smart choices when posting will benefit them in the future.

Teach tweens/teens to keep personal information private.  We need to teach our teens to think about what information is important for them to keep private.

In ending, social networking is a valuable tool for our tweens/teens.  We need to remind our them to use privacy settings on their social networking pages.  

By reminding our students to share all their amazing things, truly it will help them get a job.  Having that Digital Footprint mindset also is a must.  Look at these tools as opportunities and guide your tween/teen to use them to their benefit rather than telling them constantly to not do anything bad on it!  There are valuable opportunities for them to use with social media.  The point is that how we look at things and guide our tweens/teens will have a major influence on how they move forward in a positive way!