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Medallion Hunt

posted Oct 4, 2016, 11:19 AM by llloyd@bbejaguars.org   [ updated Oct 7, 2016, 7:02 AM ]

HS Clue #4

Homecoming week has be fun

But today it is time to get some things done

The search will bring you to a safe place

Where you will see many a smiling face

Jaguar PRIDE is what you show

The winner that is pulled usually glows

The prize to pick can be a tough choice

But we hear the excitement in the voice

Look higher than you think

The prize might be linked

Students have come from far and wide

To seek the prize for Jaguar Pride

Elementary Clue #4

Jaguars, today is your last day to search

No need to look down as I am safe on my perch

Tonight the Jags take on the team in RED

Let's Cheer them on so we can finish ahead

Off the bus to class you go in a dash

But if you hurry by you will miss the FLASH

You might need help to retrieve the prize

But be sure to ask the tall guyz

Homecoming has been a fun week

But the search has reached its peak.  

I still am so LOST

But would love to be FOUND at any cost

High School Clue #3

Beautiful Soul is our homecoming theme
Find the medallion to really beam

Jaguar PRIDE is what we show  
And oh how this makes our school glow

Some may come and some may go
Just always be above the status quo

We welcome everyone through these doors
You will surely need to look higher than the floors

Elementary Clue #3 

Day 3 is upon us and some may be starting to fret
But don’t be alarmed there is no need to sweat

The volleyball team is sure to be pumped UP
Make sure to wish them good luck!

There will be no need to flip flop, inside out or turn
Remember t-shirts are a prize you still need to earn.

Warmer, warmer you were getting while going east  
A little too far and your chances were decreased

High School Medallion Clue #2:

Today is the day we embark on the big fund run

You can also come here and try to start some fun

Now is not the time to give up and unravel

Please look around as you don’t have far to travel

Need not to worry of the outdoor condition

Just stay on course to complete your mission

You will always be greeted with a big smile

Just be sure not to leave things in a pile

Elementary Medallion Clue #2:

Today is a big day so get ready to run

Use today’s clues to have some more fun

We heard some clues have led you to the east

But trust your instincts and head closer to the feast

You will be sure to run through the race in flash

As color is being thrown with a great splash

High School Medallion Clue #1:

Homecoming 2016 is time to show our Jaguar PRIDE

So use these clues as your only medallion guide

Volleyball is here for a sure to be interesting start

We will watch the guys in spandex trying to do their part

Red, White, and Blue will be your colors to choose

If you rise above the rest you will be sure not to lose

Read the clues quick and  don’t be late

You want to be first to end this medallions’ fate.

Elementary Medallion Clue #1:

BBE Homecoming 2016 is here

And the Jaguars are ready to hear our cheers

As you search today in your RED, White, and Blue

Will you be able to use this clue?

Inside is where you need to look

But this year not inside a book

A root beer float party is the prize to gain

So use these clues to see some fame