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Homecoming Medallion Clues!

posted Oct 6, 2015, 1:45 PM by llloyd@bbejaguars.org   [ updated Oct 9, 2015, 10:34 AM ]

Clue #4
Volley, forehand, foot fault or an ace
Somewhere I'm hiding in this special place

Maybe once a week I can see the sun
Just for a moment and then it is done

The load I feel i suddenly less
But more will come if there is a mess

Clue #3
Maybe you still don't have a clue
Perhaps #3 will see you through

Look down low, but don't excavate
It's more important to elevate

As I gaze upon a playing field
Don't leave before you use my shield

Clue #2
Fields and tracks, bleachers and sand
Where would a shiny blue medallion land

In bounds or out, foul or fair, through the posts or in the air
Sporting events are in my sight, carefully look but do not blare

The knowledge you need on which to chew 
May be in this clue but it's up to you

Clue #1
Homecoming week at BBE
Medallion Hunt time: whoopee!

To use the clues we have today
Check out this link and then you can play

Ethay irstfay ueclay illway otnay elltay ouyay uchmay
Ustjay ogay outsideway andway ooklay away unchbay

Oday otnay igday orway eartay anthingway apartway
At'sthay allway ouyay etgay, ownay ogay andway artstay