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BBE Summer 2017 Lifters

posted Sep 25, 2017, 12:19 PM by llloyd@bbejaguars.org

We had a great Summer Athletic Performance Program (APP). These 38 lifters demonstrated motivation, respect, pride and determination, so proud of these Jaguar Athletes all together with lifting over 25,000 pounds. 29 of the 38 lifters made the pound club- lifting 400 or more pounds combining our max lifts of squats, Bench, deadlifts and these athletes will be recognized coming up at a Football and Volleyball game.  This summer lifters not only got physically stronger, but it also taught them to compete-with themselves and each other= mental toughness.  


We are still continuing to lift every M,W & F at 6:15am in the weight room at school, if you have any questions with that contact Trish or any of the coaches for information.